What to Consider When Exhibiting

Wednesday, 13. May 2015


Events are working, make sure your stand works too!

Exhibition News
published an article in the April issue based on research by London based venue, Stamford Bridge, seeking to gain insight into the exhibition industry from the attendee's perspective.

With 13 million visitors to exhibitions generating revenues of an estimated £11 billion, and a spend on goods and services estimated to be £100bn sold at or through exhibitions each year, there is plenty of room to think about how to segment and target some of this substantial market. Clearly, it cannot all be achieved with just the furniture and the carpet on a stand but with financial stats of this magnitude, furniture and carpets can't be an afterthought, they must integrate with, support and project the brand impression "to the max".

One of the most interesting sets of data were those pertaining to the demographics of the shows. Age ranges between 30-39 and 16-29 were the most populous, attending 2 or more exhibitions per annum. But the most telling was that the younger group was expanding its attendance at specialist exhibitions, they are active and increasingly so.

Younger audiences are more style conscious, design literate and adventurous, they are also the future of attendance at many shows as they move through the age profile. There is a wealth of research and psychology behind the appeal of colour, textile and surface finish, to varying audiences. Applied colour psychology expert Karen Haller appeared on the Event Magazine website discussing what is a misunderstood marketing tool and one that will always trigger an emotional reaction. Combined with the other aspects of the stand the right furniture, made from appropriate materials and in the desired colour could have a dramatic effect upon how visitors react to a stand.

It must be worth spending time in selecting the right furniture and carpets if there is an opportunity to capture just a small part of the £110bn spent annually.