MARS VELOUR - Light Blue
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Light blue
Light Blue

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MARS VELOUR - Light Blue


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    • We will calculate what you need based on your floor plan upload
    • Quick installation of materials by our experienced fitters
    • Installation is possible anywhere in Europe
    • Fitting materials and cover film is included
    • We offer after service on our full service products
    • Extras possible such as cutting in figurines, re-carpet ramps, raised floors and stairs
    • Delivered at your address within 5 business days
    • Freight is paid for on orders above €300
    • You can order accessories and tools at JMT online
    • Don't forget to order fitting materials and accessories for a smooth fitting
    • Did you order tape or glue and cover film or tools like a carpet knife or knee kicker
    • Order your underfloor, edge strips directly online with JMT

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