For a neat appearance  for your floor coverings, we provide several attachments including tape, strips and protective foil. We recommend taking the time to read through the specific characteristics. Some of these products fasten themselves permanently.


We provide different kinds of tape for various uses. The cloth tape, fibreglass tape and exhibition tape are used for sticking carpets to the floor. We also provide different colours of duct tape for edging and foil tape for sealing boxes and protective foil.


Strips are designed to give your event flooring a neat edging. You can use strips for straight edges, corners and for edging two different types of flooring together. Do you have questions about what type of strips to use for your event floor? Please contact us so we can help you.

Protective foil

Protective foil is applied to protect the floor covering from getting damaged. The normal foil is included in the installation price. The protective foil is installed with the foil tape. As well as normal foil and foil tape, we provide foil with a reinforcing grid and extra thick foil for a better protection of the event floor.

Floor coverings by JMT

Whenever your company is present at an industry event, congress or exhibition, you’ll want to make sure you impress your visitors. The right look and feel is important and floor coverings are an essential part of your presentation. The use of high quality floor coverings emphasise the character of your stand. JMT helps you create the look and feel you desire. With high quality floor coverings for any budget, and reliable service and supply, JMT is the partner for you!