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JMTiles are our luxurious floor tiles made from 100% polyamide. Polyamide is a synthetic wool replacement. Polyamide is easy to vacuum and clean which is a great advantage.

JMTiles are for sale only and are ideal for stand builders who want to reuse the tiles several times. As well as for exhibition stands, the Carpet tiles are good as floor covering for temporary office spaces.

Floor coverings by JMT

Whenever your company is present at an industry event, congress or exhibition, you’ll want to make sure you impress your visitors. The right look and feel is important. Floor coverings are an essential part of your presentation. The use of high-quality floor coverings emphasises the character of your stand. JMT helps you create the look and feel you desire. With high-quality floor coverings, for any budget, and reliable service and supply, JMT is the partner for you!

Other floor coverings

As well as Carpet tiles, we also provide other types of floor coverings:

  •   Carpet
  •   Sisal
  •   Vinyl
  •   Artificial Grass
  •   Needle Felt Carpet
  •   Rubber
  •   Printed Carpe