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Needle Felt Carpet

Needle felt carpet is available in various colours, widths and types which can be used for many occasions. The different types we provide are:

  •   Podium
  •   Xporips
  •   Salsa
Podium needle felt is most often used for exhibition aisles, platforms and walking carpets. Needle felt has an average quality which is good for aisles. It is not recommended to use this type for your exhibition stand.

Xporips is a better quality needle felt used for exhibition stands and large areas. The edges of the Xporips are less conspicuous compared to Podium. If you prefer good looking aisles, we recommend you use Xporips.

Salsa is the most upscale needle felt floor covering in our product range. Perfect for use as flooring for exhibition stands, aisles and stages as it provides a luxurious appearance. With its gel foam back it is a firm type of exhibition stand flooring. Salsa is delivered with protective foil. Despite of the foil applying an extra layer of protective material during the construction is recommended.

Floor coverings by JMT

Whenever your company is present at an industry event, congress or exhibition, you’ll want to make sure you impress your visitors. The right look and feel is important. Floor coverings are an essential part of your presentation. The use of high-quality floor coverings emphasise the character of your stand. JMT helps you create the look and feel you desire. With high-quality floor coverings, for any budget, and reliable service and supply, JMT is the partner for you!

Other floor coverings

Needle felt carpet is just one of the different types of carpet we provide. Don’t forget to take a look at the other types of carpet such as:

  •   Carpet
  •   Sisal
  •   Vinyl
  •   Artificial Grass
  •   Rubber
  •   Printed Carpet
  •   Carpet tiles