Armchairs, Sofas & Lounges

JMT offers a full range of event furniture, including armchairs, sofas and lounges. As well as offering high-quality chairs and tables in our other furniture categories, we also provide a wide range of furniture designed for comfort, lounging and relaxing moments. Are you looking for quality, comfortable and stylish seating? Take a look at the wide range of armchairs, sofas and lounges.


Armchairs are all about individual comfort. You might want to offer this to potential customers at your exhibition stand, in your office or simply in the waiting room of your practice. We have a fantastic range of armchairs to suit any kind of event. Hire your perfect armchair from JMT for events, parties, corporate events, leisure events, exhibitions, congresses, temporary spaces or any other occasion.


With JMT, you are also able to hire sofas. You will see sofas in seating areas at office spaces and leisure events, but also at big international conferences where a comfortable place to sit and network is always needed. From classic to modern, from white to black, our range includes many different styles and colours.


Lounges are perfectly suited for conducting small talk, one-to-one conversations and other event activities. Lounges are widely used by customers around exhibition stands and are also common in office spaces and at private events. It’s all about creating the ideal atmosphere for a comfortable seating area during an event or party.

About JMT’s comfort furniture

JMT is one of the largest suppliers of furniture for the exhibition market across Europe. We have a wide range of armchairs, sofas and lounges, and can also supply custom designs. We are able to offer you our furniture and floor coverings throughout almost the whole of Europe. Because JMT is located in eight European countries, there is always a quick and local delivery. We are constantly innovating in order to provide the best possible range of comfort furniture for events.

Also have a look at our floor coverings and tables for events and exhibitions. Do you have questions, special requirements or suggestions? Please contact us, we are always looking for feedback.