JMT has a large range of chairs for hire, allowing you to find your perfect chair from our wide selection. We offer chairs for large scale events, exhibitions and conferences, but also for smaller events – receptions, business meetings and events and private parties. JMT likes being a valuable partner to our customers and we strive to help you to implement innovative and high-quality event solutions. Discover our full range below and pick your favourite chairs. From stackable chairs and simple white chairs to special designer chairs, in all kinds of colours, we have the perfect solution for you.

Hire chairs for exhibitions, conferences and other events

Chairs are always needed for large events like trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences, concerts and consumer events. With our European network and large stock of furniture, we are able to supply huge quantities of conference chairs that are not only very comfortable but linkable too. With our great price to quality ratio, it’s very affordable to hire quality chairs from JMT. We are highly experienced in providing large quantities of chairs for big events and conferences – contact us today to see how we can help you.

Chair hire for smaller events

For smaller events like receptions, parties and business meetings, we can provide you with some great offers. You also have the option of hiring chairs for a business meeting or even a party. With our large range, we have suitable hire furniture for any occasion or activity.

Chair hire for the office

Customers also hire chairs from JMT for their temporary office spaces. JMT’s collection of office chairs and furniture range from standard, practical and comfortable to luxurious and impressive. Our range is perfectly suited for any use or impression you need.

Hire chairs JMT

We deliver our chairs all across Europe:

  •   The UK
  •   The Netherlands
  •   Belgium
  •   Spain
  •   Germany
  •   France
  •   Switzerland
  •   And more

About JMT

JMT is one of the biggest providers of event, exhibition and conference furniture in Europe. As well as providing the opportunity of hiring chairs, we also offer complete packages for event and exhibition furniture when needed. Also take a look at our tables and carpets for events and other occasions.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us and we will be happy to help.