Counters & Showcases

Companies can have various reasons and different aims for participating in exhibitions and events, but one common target that all companies aim for is leaving a good impression on their customers and visitors. A good first impression is partly determined by a professional and good looking exhibition stand with top quality furniture. JMT is the place where you can hire top quality counters and showcases not only for exhibitions but also for corporate events, leisure events, congresses and temporary spaces.

Hire counters and showcases for exhibitions, conferences and other events

A lot of the time counters are the centrepieces of an exhibition stand. Therefore they are an important piece of furniture to have. These counters are the point of contact with your potential business relations or customers. A counter is also a convenient way for displaying printed or promotional materials.

Showcases are used for presenting objects in professional way. Some of the showcases can be illuminated so that the display objects will stand out even more. It is highly recommended that before deciding which showcase or counter to hire, that you double check the dimensions of the showcase and the objects you would like to display beforehand, just to be sure that the objects will fit nicely.

Hiring counters and showcases at JMT

We aim to provide only the best for our customers. We have a wide variety of top quality event furniture including counters and showcases. With our presence in eight countries throughout Europe there is always a supplier available for quick and local delivery. Event schedules can be very tight, so rapid assistance when needed is essential.

Event furniture rental

As well as the counter and showcase rental we also offer other event and office furniture. Feel free to check our product range in these categories as well:

  •   Chairs 
  •   Bar tables 
  •   Conference & office furniture 
  •   Displays and shelves
  •   Floor coverings

About JMT

JMT is one of the largest suppliers of furniture for the European events market. As the JMT group has branches in eight countries throughout Europe, there is always a supplier close to the exhibition venue. With our extensive experience we are able to help companies make a success of their business events. If you have any questions or enquiries, please contact us.